A Pragmatic Approach to Intersubjective Awakening

Kenneth Folk considers himself a “ruthlessly unsentimental” and pragmatic dharma teacher. This is because he is willing to toss anything out, including the Buddha, if at any point he doesn’t find those teachings really helpful. His dialog was especially timely, as mindfulness is rapidly gaining mainstream acceptance: both intellectually through the confluence of Buddhism, neuroscience and psychotherapy, and culturally through the embrace of pop culture and the corporate world, especially the tech sector, including gatherings like Wisdom 2.0 and Google’s “Search Inside Yourself” classes.


Anytime you embark upon a program of study, it’s a good idea to have goals; if you decide to practice the 3-Speed Transmission, it will be helpful for you to know where you hope to end up. Do you want to be free from suffering? Do you want to be…