Journalistic self-enquiry: The who, what, when, where, why, and how of selfing

“This is something you can do at any level of development; beginning, intermediate, and advanced yogis can do this. You can see for a moment that there is nobody home… and you can get this whiff of peace. And if you do it more… you get better at it.”

“And it gets to the point where you really can’t sustain the misperception any more. It’s just clear, all the time: ‘Where am I? Nowhere. Who am I? No one. What makes me think this is me? Nothing makes me think this. When am I? I’m not. Why do I think this is me and that is not me? I don’t think that.'”

“The apparent “I” is a misperception that can be cured.”

-an excerpt from the talk

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