Meditation is a skill. Practice leads to excellence. I’ll show you how.

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-Kenneth Folk

What people are saying about Kenneth Folk…

“a modern master of the mind” -Chloe Bregman, San Francisco

“a power player in the mindfulness movement” –WIRED magazine

“easily and literally the best meditation teacher in the world” -Scott Phillips, Brisbane

“The most effective enlightenment technology currently available is Kenneth Folk.” -Justin Chapweske, Bozeman

“Kenneth is at the top of his field and deserves it.” -Matt Riese, San Francisco

 “a truly gifted meditation teacher” -Josh Summers, Boston

“simply transformational” -Robert Hutter, San Mateo

“I highly recommend Kenneth” -Loic LeMeur, Paris

“the best of the best” -Greg Little, San Francisco

“offered meditation techniques I’ve never experienced before” -Dylin Redling, San Francisco

“I learned to observe how my mind can be transformed” -Maricarmen Sierra, San Francisco

“very cool, very down to earth, because he’s been living and practicing this stuff for a long time” -Jim Luceno

“great presence, very good communicator” -George Coles, San Francisco

“very thoughtful and easy to speak with” -Jorge Soto

“experienced and kind instructor” -Cedric Reeves

“excellent” -Howard Clegg, Oxford

“uniquely sheds light on meditation from both a practical and philosophical perspective” -Ali Yahya, Silicon Valley

“important thought leader. his expertise and passion for the field are clear and inspiring” -Tim Chang, Silicon Valley

“found myself implementing his teachings within minutes after completing the session” -Jeff Katz, San Diego

“articulate and effective” -Sammy Davis, Lancaster, PA

“friendly, thoughtful, authentic, and perceptive. I felt at ease” -Jason Ryterband

“wonderful experience” -MeiMei Fox, Los Angeles

“clear, thoughtful, and skilled” -David Delp, San Francisco

“suddenly meditation seemed accessible, and I felt its positive effects even in the first session” -Nicole Rousseau

“definitely recommend it. Thanks, Kenneth!” -Gabe Luna-Ostaseski, San Francisco

“feel great after! thank you! -Miki Agrawal, New York

“awesome experience” -Erick Tseng, Silicon Valley

“interesting, easy to understand, clear results” -Christian Andersson, Sweden

“funny, loving, and disarmingly humble. Truly walks the talk” -Carson Linforth Bowley, San Francisco

“very smart and knowledgable. Has spent as much time meditating as learning the theory behind it” -Ken Howery, San Francisco

“I appreciate both the clarity of Kenneth’s teachings and his humility” -Jacob Gotwals, Albuquerque

“friendly, personable. Gentle introduction flew right by” -Holly Ulasovitch, San Francisco

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  1. Jack H

    Kenneth, long time since we talked. I listened to your interview on reconstructing your self. I must not be understanding you correctly. It seems you are saying your previous noting instructions, instructions that led many people to stream entry and beyond is not worth much? Is your new technique the same as Shinzen Young’s soaking? That is, note the itch, for example, and stay with it 3-4 more seconds.

    Other than my misunderstanding, great stuff.

    Jack Hatfield

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