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-Kenneth Folk

What people are saying about Kenneth Folk

“a modern master of the mind” -Chloe Bregman, San Francisco

“a power player in the mindfulness movement” –WIRED magazine

“easily and literally the best meditation teacher in the world” -Scott Phillips, Brisbane

“The most effective enlightenment technology currently available is Kenneth Folk.” -Justin Chapweske, Bozeman

“Kenneth is at the top of his field and deserves it.” -Matt Riese, San Francisco

 “a truly gifted meditation teacher” -Josh Summers, Boston

“simply transformational” -Robert Hutter, San Mateo

“I highly recommend Kenneth” -Loic LeMeur, Paris

“the best of the best” -Greg Little, San Francisco

“offered meditation techniques I’ve never experienced before” -Dylin Redling, San Francisco

“I learned to observe how my mind can be transformed” -Maricarmen Sierra, San Francisco

“very cool, very down to earth, because he’s been living and practicing this stuff for a long time” -Jim Luceno

“great presence, very good communicator” -George Coles, San Francisco

“very thoughtful and easy to speak with” -Jorge Soto

“experienced and kind instructor” -Cedric Reeves

“excellent” -Howard Clegg, Oxford

“uniquely sheds light on meditation from both a practical and philosophical perspective” -Ali Yahya, Silicon Valley

“important thought leader. his expertise and passion for the field are clear and inspiring” -Tim Chang, Silicon Valley

“found myself implementing his teachings within minutes after completing the session” -Jeff Katz, San Diego

“articulate and effective” -Sammy Davis, Lancaster, PA

“friendly, thoughtful, authentic, and perceptive. I felt at ease” -Jason Ryterband

“wonderful experience” -MeiMei Fox, Los Angeles

“clear, thoughtful, and skilled” -David Delp, San Francisco

“suddenly meditation seemed accessible, and I felt its positive effects even in the first session” -Nicole Rousseau

“definitely recommend it. Thanks, Kenneth!” -Gabe Luna-Ostaseski, San Francisco

“feel great after! thank you! -Miki Agrawal, New York

“awesome experience” -Erick Tseng, Silicon Valley

“interesting, easy to understand, clear results” -Christian Andersson, Sweden

“funny, loving, and disarmingly humble. Truly walks the talk” -Carson Linforth Bowley, San Francisco

“very smart and knowledgable. Has spent as much time meditating as learning the theory behind it” -Ken Howery, San Francisco

“I appreciate both the clarity of Kenneth’s teachings and his humility” -Jacob Gotwals, Albuquerque

“friendly, personable. Gentle introduction flew right by” -Holly Ulasovitch, San Francisco

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